About us…
We are an Oregon (USA) based corporation specializing in the manufacture and distribution of soda blasting equipment and media.
Austin Colcord (Oz) started the company in late 1999 when he became intrigued by a process similar to sandblasting. Offering a wider range of applications due to the nature of the blast media, he began a small business reselling the media.
Within a short period he realized that the equipment used was a limiting factor on his media sales. Through hands on experience, he determined that most of the current machines on the market had originally been designed to be sand blasters. All the machines on the market were unreliable, wasted media, and were unreasonably priced. The "downtime" experienced by the end user, due to the poorly designed equipment, was impacting the relatively new industry in a negative manor.
Consequently, he then began building a soda blaster to his own specifications. In less than one year moving an innovative idea to prototype, then to marketable system.

Oz speaks….
I hope you have had a chance to fully review our web site. From cleaning general grime to cutting through years of paint buildup, without damage to just about any surface material, the range of applications for soda blasting is endless. If I can be of any help to you, feel free to call me at my toll-free number.
The single most important thing to appreciate is that no two soda blast machines are alike and no two soda blast medias are alike. Long-term customer satisfaction isn't generated by selling the lowest priced of either.
There are less expensive medias out there, but the old maxim "you get what you pay for" is really true when comparing our
Contam-Away Commercial Grade with other sodium bicarbonate blast medias. It's larger size particles cut faster and create less dust in the process, saving both time and money. No "flow additives" make it 100% water soluble.
The Wizard Blaster is the most versatile blaster on the market. Our patente Our patente˙arket.d ADJUSTA-FLOW® media control system enables the user to change the orifice aperture
even while blasting, so you don't have to shut down your blaster and take it apart to adjust media-to-air ratios. The only other adjustments are two pressure regulator knobs atop the moisture separators, Wizard Blaster is "fool-proof" and easy to use.
Quality is important here at Wizard Blaster. We could lower our costs by supplying cheaper blast nozzles. Obviously tungsten carbide lined blast nozzles are not necessary with the soft sodium bicarbonate blast media. But being the best blast nozzle you can buy, that's what we include with the Wizard Blaster®. This gives
you longer nozzle life and the flexibility to use corncob media or mix the medias as you require. This is typical with all the components used on the Wizard Blaster®. Our blast hose is the same type as used on sand blasters. We use high quality electrical wiring with Brad-Harrison waterproof  connectors. Parker-Hannifin air components. The list goes on.
We're an innovative, family-owned company whose goal is to have the best products and highest level of customer support in the industry. If you have suggestions or comments about the Wizard Blaster®, we would love to hear from